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Car Dealerships That Work With Bad Credit

car dealerships wit bad credit

With the help of the precise loan comparison, you can research the best offers for car loans with the lowest effective APR. First you enter various information about the desired conditions. Then submit a condition request to compare the various offers from the banks. The associated online form is free and non-binding.

Enter the purchase price of your car here and, if necessary, enter an amount as a down payment. You should also inform us about the desired term to be used to repay the loan. You will then be shown the offers with the effective annual interest rate and the monthly installment. In this step you can also specify a second borrower.

At this point you can inform us of your name, date of birth and your account details. Furthermore, information on the place of birth including country as auto loan without credit check well as nationality and your marital status are required. Then enter your address. After you have accepted the terms and conditions, the solicitation of offers, the data protection declaration and the data processing, you can continue. In this step you can also subscribe to our newsletter.

In the third step, tell us the number of people in your household and provide information about your living quarters (rent or property). Enter the monthly rental costs if you live for rent. If you own property, enter the monthly rental income. The individual loan offers can be determined by comparing monthly income and expenses.

Finally, you can take out residual debt insurance if necessary. This protects you against sudden unemployment or inability to work. In the event of a sudden death, your relatives are insured against payment of the remaining debt. Insurance is optional.

At the end of the form, enter your account details so that you can receive the money. This step is also used for bank verification. This checks whether you actually have an account in Germany.

Loan offers from many different banks

After the condition request you will receive the individual loan offers via email and post. Then weigh up the various offers and decide on the loan that suits you best. Then apply for the loan directly in a few steps online:

1. In the first step, you obtain the application documents from the respective bank and enter the necessary information.

2. In the second step, you deposit the documents with the bank, either in the online upload or by post.

3. In the third step, you legitimize yourself.

This is done by Postident or Videoident inaccordance with the bank's specifications . The bank checks your documents for completeness and consistency. With the Postident option, you will be presented in a post office. An employee takes over the legitimation here. In the videoident procedure, an employee contacts you via video telephony to legitimize you.

If the application is approved, you will receive the money in your account within a short time. You can then quickly purchase the vehicle and use it soon.

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